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Software Development Engineer
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Job Description

In this position, you will be a member of a dynamic team designing, developing and testing a financial tracking and planning web solutions that consolidate heterogeneous systems in one single place to provide a full picture of planning and forecasting cycles.

Job activities involved:

- Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of the web solution.
- Collaborate with engineering and financial teams to design, develop and launch new features.
- Provide support to end-users of the solution.
- Control and maintain code integrity and its structure.
- Understand and implement security and data protection capabilities.

Key Competencies

- Problem solving mindset
- Team work, able to integrate in a highly collaborative environment
- Customer service orientation
- Attention to detail



Bachelor degree in Computer or Software Engineering, or related field.

Intermediate to Advanced English Level

3+ years of experience in software development in at least 4 of the following skills (Relevant experience can be obtained through school work, classes and project work, internships, and/or work experience):
- NET Framework
- MVC Design pattern
- C Sharp
- JavaScript
- AngularJS
- Microsoft SQL Server
- GitLab code versioning tool
- Data reporting and analytics with tools like Power BI, Microsoft Reports, etc.


Masters' degree in Computer or Software Engineering3, or related field.

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