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Oracle DBA Specialist
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Job Description:



* Work alongside other team members to successfully perform migration, export/import job (or Data pump), refresh.
* Manage Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) and single instance Data Guard (DG) databases running on HPUX, RHEL, CentOS and SLES platforms.
* Write and schedule shell scripts via cron and OEM (PL/SQL stored procedures knowledge).
* Ensure database objects (views, stored procedures, triggers, constraints, etc.) and SQL statements meet performance, standards (naming and DB design) and security objectives.
* Design / Create new Oracle databases, create new schemas/database objects (tables structures & storage Mgmt, Indexes, constraints, triggers, Stored Procedures, Etc), as well as making database changes from DEV to PROD, following request/demands from the development team (per the technical specifications) or as result of translate business requirements.
* Alter Databases Structures as needed.
* Clon environments to create patch test, development and QA environments.
* Support Oracle Databases (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c) on HP-UX, RHEL, SLES, CentOS and Windows platforms.
* Support applications for DB accounts creation, pwd reset, security, DB integrity, failover, schemas management (Administering / manage tables, indexes and tablespaces).
* Maintaining system security, controlling and monitoring user access to the database.
* Monitor constantly / regularly performance and troubleshoot database issues using (Alert log files & Trace files) and OEM tool (unusual conditions, i.e. database contention, load throughput, cache utilization, etc.).
* Monitor regularly whether primary and standby databases are in sync and clearing the backed up archive log files after confirming that they are applied on the standby database (Synchronize Standby DBs).
* Monitor database objects growth, managing the extents growth and de-fragmenting objects, which are running out of maximum extents (excessive fragmentation of table spaces and taking remedial steps), optimize space.
* Space Management: Perform Table space Management (size and schema objects) and Rollback table space Management, allocate system storage, plan future storage requirements
* Apply Health Check and solve findings to ensure stable and compliance environments.


* Install, Create, Configure and Patch Oracle Databases (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c) on HP-UX, RHEL, SLES, CentOS and Windows platforms (Subject Matter Expert, in-depth knowledge).
* Apply CPU/PSU and upgrade Oracle DBs
* Define, plan, coordinate and follow up patching strategy.


* Manage all Oracle DB aspects (backup/flash backup, restore, recovery, refreshes, code migration, etc.) on development, test, and production Oracle databases running on HPUX, REHL, CentOS and SLES.
* Plan, implement, maintain, review and revise backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies; schedule physical backups using RMAN and logical backups using Data Pump together other tools for this purpose.
* Perform Cold Backup, Hot Backup and incremental backups and/or cloning / refreshes (Export / import (expdp and impdp oracle utilities)).
* Assist development teams on the DB objects, schemas and data loads (using Data Pump and export/import utility).
* Oracle DG implementation, standby, "log shipping" to failover site.


* Execute overall health check pertain to performance tuning, backup and recovery, etc. for heterogeneous environment.
* Performance tuning (overall performance of processes) using Enterprise Manager Grid Control, ADDM and Oracle AWR tuning advisor reports, explain Plan.
* Monitor and trace poor performing queries for tuning opportunities and work closely with developers to optimized them.
* Collecting statistics using and explain Plan and Tkprof during performance slowdowns. Collecting the statistics of tables and indexes by analyzing for cost based optimizer mode.


MUST : Oracle technologies: Oracle Recovery manager (RMAN), Oracle Automation Storage Management (ASM), Oracle Real Application cluster (RAC), Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Oracle Data Guard (DG), Oracle Automated Workflow Repository (AWR), RHEL, SLES, CentOS, HP-UX, AWS

DESIRED: Non-SQL: Postgress, MongoDB, MariaDB, MSQL, Azure


* Understand the theories and components that make the system function.
* Knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL and PL/SQL).
* Knowledge of programming languages such as HTML and XML.
* Designing databases using Oracle Software and knowledge of SQL
* Testing database applications to ensure functionality and quality
* Performing regular security updates to keep user data safe
* Helping users to navigate and use database functions
* People who thrive in a collaborative environment.
* Problem-solver who can maintain focus for long periods of time.
* Collaborating with team members, other teams and other discplines as one if highest values.
* Customer Service advocacy as one of the highest values.
* Enjoy challenge to discover, research, solve and propose alternatives to problems


 Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems Management or related field.
(database construction, database management, programming languages, database security, and other similar topics).



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