HCL is looking for an AWS (IaaS) Senior Specialist with below description:

Should have:

  • Experience in cloud computing and Development ( AWS / GCP )
  • Experience on deployments in cloud environments¬†
  • Experience on Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) , Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) , Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Experience in Containers like Dockers , Kubernetes
  • Experience on Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) methodologies¬†
  • Experience on tools (Git, Gitlab, Terraform, AWS, Kibana, DataDog)
  • Experience in monitoring and troubleshooting methodologies

Should be able to:

  • Analyse the data gathered and propose gaps and areas of improvement to the respective Practice Lead
  • Share inputs with the Practice Lead on the approach to meet these gaps and improvements
  • Coordinate with the LoBs for communication of final outcomes to respective business units and subsequently to delivery units (2.)¬†- Participate in discussions with the vendor on system implementation of relevant HR module including customization for various LoBs
  • Share inputs on challenges and nuances of working of the system
  • Participate in testing of the system (user acceptance testing, etc.)
  • Track the implementation activities as per the plan; Highlight in case of deviations from the plan and take necessary corrective actions (3.)¬†- Review the system or business requirements for the CoE processes¬†
  • Collate and provide inputs in design discussions of the relevant processes (compensation structure, PMS process, bell curve modelling, goals library, KPPs, process improvement assignment, etc.) and tools with the business teams along with the HRBPs
  • Support supervisor to prepare processordesign proposal and share with the LoBs and relevant stakeholders
  • Coordinate with the LoBs for rollout of the processes as per the plan
  • Conduct communication sessions for orientation, sharing the implementation guidelines, exception handling, etc. across LoBs
  • Send reminder emails to LoBs and BUs to monitor process rollout or implementation
  • Conduct periodic audits for LoBs to ensure process adherence
  • Highlight deviations or issues to the supervisor within the CoE and provide inputs on the actions to be taken to resolve the same
  • (1.) - Coordinate with LoBs, external consultants to get relevant inputsordata like employee engagement scores, attrition analysis, employee feedback on policies, other HR scorecards, etc. from respective teams (COEs, LoB HR, business) and market (CandB benchmarking report, etc.) at the beginning of financial year

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